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CODDAN Technologies LLC is one of the leading providers of high-tech
outsourcing services in Russia. CODDAN Technologies's business is steadily
growing due to its in-depth knowledge in the areas of industrial modeling and software development, utilization of modern methods and techniques as well as effective management and highly professional team.
Our extensive expertise and over a decade-long experience will turn your ideas into effective innovative solutions.

R&D and Consulting

Since 2005 we have been providing modeling, simulation and consulting services in the wide area of physical problems. The combined team experience is more than 214 years

We will help you to reduce development cost, shorten the development time, eliminate hardware iterations, optimize your hardware design, fine tune your process parameters and lower the cost of your products.

Gas and fluid dynamics

Gas and Fluid Dynamics

  • Simulations for HWCVD, CVD and ALD technologies
  • Chemically reactive flows
  • Turbulent flows
  • Multiphase flows
  • Flows with phase transitions
  • Rarefied gas flows (DSMC, clusterization, gas-surface interaction)
CCP and ICP plasma

CCP and ICP Plasma

  • Optimization of Industrial Plasma Process Chambers
  • PECVD, etch and doping processes
  • Low (1 - 100 mTorr)
    Medium (0,1 - 20 Torr)
    High (20 - 1000 Torr) pressure discharges
  • HF (3 - 30 MHz) discharges
  • VHF (30 - 300 MHz) discharges
  • UHF (300 - 3000 MHz) discharges
  • Noble and chemically active gases
Quantum chemistry

Quantum Chemistry

  • Chemical models for deposition, doping & etching processes
  • Simulation of film modification processes under ion treatments
  • Prediction of activity for precursors and etchants
  • Modeling of gas-phase and surface reactions (mechanism, rate constant prediction)
  • Electron impact ionization and excitation cross-section calculation
Heat transfer

Heat Transfer

  • Conjugated heat transfer
    (gases, fluids & solids)
  • Convection, heat conduction
  • Radiation
Wave propagation

Wave Propagation

  • RF/VHF electromagnetic wave propagation in plasma processing devices
  • Optical radiation propagation
  • Acoustic wave propagation


  • Static fields in complex geometries
  • Low Frequency fields
  • Transmission lines, waveguides, resonators, technology facilities
Molecular dynamic simulations

Molecular Dynamic Simulations

  • Gas-surface interaction
  • Surface and bulk relaxation
Optics and optical metrology

Optics and Optical Metrology

  • Illumination design
  • Light heating design
  • Integrated metrology
FEA structural mechanics

FEA Structural Mechanics

  • Dynamic crash simulation
  • Thermal stress analysis
  • Dynamical load
  • 3D printing modeling

Software Development

Our team's main expertise is in development of complicated multi-layer software for industrial equipment, including factory automation and user interfaces. However we can implement virtually any type of system or application software

Software development

Software Development

  • Full life cycle software development
  • Real-time instrument/equipment/process control
  • Real-time data collection
  • Statistical data processing, analysis and visual representation
Interface design

Interface Design

  • User experience expertise
  • Innovative GUI design
  • User-friendly interactive products
  • Desktop or touch-panel industrial GUI

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